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Energy Solutions 

We deploy effective solutions. 

We understand very well the challenges facing our clients and communities and for this reason we endeavor to create innovative ideas and promote initiatives that will build a sustainable world.  From inception through the stages of planning and  engineering to the end goal of project execution, we commit ourselves to the work our client and the successful achievement of our goals. 

Gas-fired Power Facilities 

Diesel to Gas Conversions 

Immediate Power Solutions 

Captive Power Solutions

Waste To 

Distributed Energy 

Distributed Energy 

Renewable Energy Technologies 

To improve the lives of others and the environment, we strive to enable our clients to realize the full potential of available resources.  Our rural electrification projects offer self-sustaining solutions that deliver high-value results for communities.  INTECO recognizes the value of energy independence assisting nations toward this goal.  Our projects have a global scope and specialize in Africa, Latin America, Caribbean and US .

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